Design & Build

Design-Build saves both money and time. In addition, the close collaboration between the design and construction teams fosters innovation that benefits not only clients but also the communities that the projects serve.

Design and Construction expertise is combined at an early stage in the project, which means that designers can tailor their plans to the needs of the contractor the first time around. Working together, the engineer and contractor can maximize efficiencies leading to fewer delays, reduced unexpected challenges and a project that is more likely to be delivered on time and on budget; usually at a significant saving for clients compared to traditional methods.

DM Build can provide a full range of program and construction management services fully aligned with the Design-Build framework, covering from pre-feasibility and procurement to funding and grant applications through the entire project to close-out and commissioning.

Detailed services include:

  1. Project & Program Management
  2. Advisory Services
  3. Communications
  4. Project Controls
  5. Commercial Management
  6. Planning, Environmental & Design Management
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Construction Services
  9. Commissioning and Startup
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